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Get Extreme with ChaLean Challenge Group – Day 3

14 Nov

Hola ūüôā

I started participating in a new challenge group on Monday! ¬†So far everyone participating is TOTALLY awesome and dedicated! ¬†I decided I wanted to track my journey with videos throughout the 90 days ūüôā

Here is my first one – Day 3.

Contact me if you’re interested in getting involved in something similar!! I have some other challenge groups starting SOON!

11/26 starts my 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

12/3 starts BRAZIL BUTT LIFT ūüôā

Happy Wednesday!!


Greenberry Shamrock goodness

31 Oct

Greenberry Shakeology…..its one of those things that I have only met a handful of people that prefer it…..But lately, I hear more and more people who are choosing it over chocolate. I tried Greenberry about a year ago and didn’t like it very much….

However, my parents DRILLED this phrase into my head when I was younger and was trying new food/flavors (mostly in relation to veggies…lol)…”Today may be the day that you like it”……and I cannot tell you how many times that was TRUE!

Anyways – because of that saying always ringing in my head, I had been wanting to try Greenberry again and perhaps try a different recipe to prepare it with. ¬†So my friend told me about this “Shamrock Shake” that trainer Chalene Johnson put out… ¬†Check it out:

I made it EXACTLY per the recipe and its DELICIOUS! ¬†SO good!! ¬†I have no clue how to describe the taste, but its just really good and no “wheatgrass” after taste like the first time I tried it. ¬†SO, if you have some unused Greenberry Shakeology sitting in your cupboard, TRY this recipe!!! ¬†Also, think about getting the Shakeology packets that come with 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 Greenberry!

Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more about Shakeology and/or if you would like to try a sample.

A success story!

5 Oct

Everyone loves to hear a good success story, right?  Well, this one comes from a friend named Amber who decided to make a change in her lifestyle and attributes her success to Shakeology and working out!

CHECK out these results!!!

Here is her testimonial:

“I lost 31 lbs and over 28 inches with Shakeology and Beachbody workout programs! One of the greatest challenges I faced was eating healthy and not giving into my cravings, but Shakeology fixed that. After a month of drinking Shakeology, I noticed my cravings were almost completely absent and I was making smarter food choices. Since starting Shakeology I no longer skip breakfast or feel sluggish and I have more energy to keep up with my kids – I feel better than I have in a very long time!” -Amber N, 32

The power of challenge groups is AWESOME! ¬†Getting plugged into a support system is what really helped me PERSONALLY take my results and level of commitment to the next level ūüôā

Contact me so that you can get plugged into my next challenge group!! ¬†NOW is the time to start working on those goals ūüôā ¬†Someday is Today!

Coach Jen

Fit for the Holidays Challenge

12 Sep

Are you one of those people who over-indulges during the holidays?

or … How about one of those people who goes on a quick crash diet 2 weeks before a big family gathering so you can ‘try’ and look better in front of people you only see once a year?

I am OVER that!! ¬†I am starting NOW in my ‘Fit for the Holidays’ challenge so that I develop and good healthy habits now, so that I arrive at the Thanksgiving & Christmas season already in great physical shape. ¬†And trust me, after 90 days of hard work and dedication towards your goal body….. you’re not going to want to sabotage yourself by overdoing it (well not too much) during holiday meals and parties.

I have a few others who want to do this challenge too – so I will be starting another group in October! ¬†Don’t wait until Christmas, or January 1st to take your health seriously! ¬†Start NOW – you are worth the investment! ¬†I promise you will thank yourself and wish you had started a year ago!

My program of choice for this 90 day challenge is P90x2¬†and of course drinking Shakeology daily ūüôā ¬†The challenge group is run in a private facebook group where all the members post daily for support, accountability and motivation. ¬†I really thought about NOT doing my workout tonight…but when I logged in to FB and saw all the other participants had ocmpleted their workouts already, it gave me that extra push that I needed to press play!

Anyways – comment on this post or email and I’ll be happy to get you set up in my next group!!


Good Night!


My Favorite Shakeology Recipes

3 Sep

Recently, the demand for Shakeology has been through the roof and I have been sending out more samples than usual.  I’ve noticed people have been asking me what my favorite recipes are for Chocolate Shakeology.  Personally, my all-time favorite recipe is to blend Chocolate Shakeology with 8-10oz of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (or Fat-Free Milk), 1 tablespoon of Peanut Butter, a handfull of ice cubes and a 1/2 a Banana.  The more liquid and less ice you use, the less thick it will be.  I have also compiled my other Top 5 list of my have Chocolate Shakeology recipes.  Give these a try and let me know what you think!

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly: Blend Chocolate Shakeology with ice, 8oz fat-free milk, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and strawberries

2. Cheeky Coconut: Blend Chocolate Shakeology + 1/2 Banana + Coconut Extract + ice

3. Mocha Chiller: Blend Chocolate Shakeology with 8-10oz of your favorite cup of coffee (chilled), and ice cubes

4. Pina Banana: Blend Chocolate Shakeology with 6oz water, 6oz pineapple juice (or pineapple chunks), a banana

5. Strawberry Thunder: Blend Chocolate Shakeology with 6-8oz fat-free milk,  ice cubes, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries

If you’re serious about trying Shakeology and would like a free sample, you can make me your free coach by clicking here.  Everyother week or so, I will send a batch of samples, which is an exclusive offer only available to those who make me their free Beachbody Coach.  Questions, email me (jen@myfitlyfe.com).

If you’re interested in Shakeology, click here to order!  Remember, if you select the Home Direct option, which is the option I use,  you will receive free shipping and it will automatically be delivered to your house each month!  The best part about Home Direct is that you can cancel at any time.  Even if you just want a one-time purchase, still select the Home Direct option for the free shipping and then cancel before the next order is processed.

Try the recipes and ENJOY!!

I’d love to hear what recipes you’ve tried and are your favorites!! ¬†Comment below ūüôā