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Get Extreme with ChaLean Challenge Group – Day 3

14 Nov

Hola 🙂

I started participating in a new challenge group on Monday!  So far everyone participating is TOTALLY awesome and dedicated!  I decided I wanted to track my journey with videos throughout the 90 days 🙂

Here is my first one – Day 3.

Contact me if you’re interested in getting involved in something similar!! I have some other challenge groups starting SOON!

11/26 starts my 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

12/3 starts BRAZIL BUTT LIFT 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!


10 Week Checkup

2 Sep


I had a 10 checkup on Friday – it was my first OB visit since the my appointment where they confirmed my pregnancy.  I was not expecting to get another ultrasound, but they did one!  This time it was over the tummy, not a transvaginal like last time.

I’ve heard that the ‘goop’ they put on your stomach is hot – but it was still kind of a surprising feeling when she put it on me!  I got to hear the baby’s heart beat…which was 171.  The rest of the appointment consisted of a full physical exam – pap and all – ugh.

I had one major issue I wanted to discuss with my OB during my appointment…. that was my SKIN.  I told her I’m breaking out like crazy and begged for a solution.  Her answer was basically that its hormonal and that there is nothing you can do about it.  Even after the baby is born, I won’t be able to get on any Rx or anything while I’m nursing.  SO, I have another year+ of yucky skin 😦

On another note – have you ever heard of any of those old wives tales about predicting the sex  of the baby?  Things like certain sexual positions, etc.  Well, I heard one about the heartrate of the fetus being an indicator of sex.  They say that HR over 140+ are GIRLS because they have faster metabolisms.  I’m not saying I believe in them or not, but they are just interesting to read about 🙂  Time will tell if this one is accurate!