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What’s in your fridge?

6 Jan

I always love seeing other people’s posts with pics of their perfectly clean, organized and well stocked refrigerator, freezer and pantry….Mine doesn’t look at “Martha Stewart-y” as I would like… BUT, it’s a start and its been super easy to eat well and grab smart(er) options!

So..here is the door shot.  We’ve got a few salad dressings….see that bottle with the strawberry on it?  That is my new fave – Blush Wine Vinaigrette.  This is brand new to me…has anyone else heard of it?

Anyways – next shelf down I have my half & half (which is leftover from holiday baking) and my unsweetened coconut milk and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I LOVE using those milks for my chocolate shakeology in the AM.  There are so many flavor variations that you can come up with….starts my day off on the right foot!

OK..here is the main area….  I’ve got some skim milk – bottled water and apple juice.  You know whats weird?  People who live here and use this fridge… they find it easy to grab and go  – especially with the water! But I seem to be the ONLY one willing and able to actually put new bottles of water back IN the fridge!  OHwell…

What else is in there?  Oh.. I made a big batch of chicken.  Just plain skinless/boneless thin breasts and tenderloin.  Eh – I don’t know if I’ll do that again.  Or maybe not as much next time.  I also pre-made a few salads in those Tupperware containers on the bottom.  Mixed greens, cherry heirloom tomatoes (another NEW find for me!) and english cucumbers.  You know what would go well with that salad?  Oh I know!  Blush Wine Vinaigrette! lol

The other thing I tried doing was hard boiling a dozen eggs.  I don’t know if you can see them in the pic… But, that worked out well for me during the week.  Only complaint I did have was the first day or so my fridge had an eggy smell.  Not rotten egg, but just egg.

And lastly, the veggie drawer.  I took the time to peel and cut up all those little carrot sticks!  See them over there in the left corner?  Don’t you think actual cut up carrots taste different from baby carrots?  I do.  However, that being said, is the taste worth the extra time/effort of prepping my own?  Not so sure…  Also, I have my salad stuff, and looks like some mushrooms back there too…

SO – whats in yours this week?

It’s a New Year!  Are you resolving to eat well and keep healthy foods stocked this year?