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Get Extreme with ChaLean Challenge Group – Day 3

14 Nov

Hola 🙂

I started participating in a new challenge group on Monday!  So far everyone participating is TOTALLY awesome and dedicated!  I decided I wanted to track my journey with videos throughout the 90 days 🙂

Here is my first one – Day 3.

Contact me if you’re interested in getting involved in something similar!! I have some other challenge groups starting SOON!

11/26 starts my 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

12/3 starts BRAZIL BUTT LIFT 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!


A challenge!

23 Dec

I am always eager to participate in challenge!  I wouldn’t classify myself as competitive in nature…but I do like to have something to work for!  Guess what?  My husband has booked us a FIVE night cruise in March!


So whats the challenge?

March is about 90 days away….also my spring break from school.  I will have the BEST body of my life by the time I board that ship! 

What are you working towards in 2012?  Do you have any short term – 90ish days or so – goals?