Fit for the Holidays Challenge

12 Sep

Are you one of those people who over-indulges during the holidays?

or … How about one of those people who goes on a quick crash diet 2 weeks before a big family gathering so you can ‘try’ and look better in front of people you only see once a year?

I am OVER that!!  I am starting NOW in my ‘Fit for the Holidays’ challenge so that I develop and good healthy habits now, so that I arrive at the Thanksgiving & Christmas season already in great physical shape.  And trust me, after 90 days of hard work and dedication towards your goal body….. you’re not going to want to sabotage yourself by overdoing it (well not too much) during holiday meals and parties.

I have a few others who want to do this challenge too – so I will be starting another group in October!  Don’t wait until Christmas, or January 1st to take your health seriously!  Start NOW – you are worth the investment!  I promise you will thank yourself and wish you had started a year ago!

My program of choice for this 90 day challenge is P90x2 and of course drinking Shakeology daily 🙂  The challenge group is run in a private facebook group where all the members post daily for support, accountability and motivation.  I really thought about NOT doing my workout tonight…but when I logged in to FB and saw all the other participants had ocmpleted their workouts already, it gave me that extra push that I needed to press play!

Anyways – comment on this post or email and I’ll be happy to get you set up in my next group!!


Good Night!



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