Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

7 Sep

What does ‘free spirit’ mean to you, actually?

When I hear that phrase, I think of someone who lives outside the lines of ‘normal’ that society has created… someone who does their own thing, regardless of what others think of them.  It also makes me think of a person with no ‘home base’…. like a person who wanders around place to place with no identity.

However, in the case of putting a picture with the term free spirit, I thought thru various phases of my life that could be defined as a free spirit… and really, there are none.  I think the closest thing that comes to me being a free spirit is when I’m working out.  During that 45-60 minutes, I don’t care what you think of me.  I don’t care if I look ridiculous still trying to conquer the Warrior 3 pose… and CRANE!  So this week I submit this photo.. (because I think I look silly and careless)



**This post is a part of a weekly photo challenge hosted by The Daily Post.  Check out their blog post and replies to find more entries on this week’s free spirit topic!


One Response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit”

  1. Michael J. Greenberg September 7, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    I think this is an awesome picture. Looks like perfect form. What workout are you doing?

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