9W5D – and general wonderings about showing..

27 Aug


I’m curious how long I’ll be able to wear my current clothes?  From basic google searching, it seems that it varies widely on when women start to show….So far I’m still wearing my Size 2’s.

I had a friend of mine say that she noticed my abs aren’t as flat as normal… Hmm, is that because I’m starting to show?  Or is it because I haven’t been focusing on any intense ab work?  While I have still been working out and eating healthy, I have not done anything to focus on working my abs.

I have heard/read mixed reviews on ab exercises during pregnancy.  My doc says to go for it as long as I was doing so PRE-preggo.  But something about it just makes me ‘nervous’?  Did you workout your abs during pregnancy?  I am still doing core work in general..

I haven’t weighed myself, so not sure if I have gained anything since my first doctor’s appointment at Week 7.  I don’t feel heavier…?

Well – getting late and still need to workout tonight.  Thanks for following my journey!


3 Responses to “9W5D – and general wonderings about showing..”

  1. Mary August 27, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    It COULD be that you’re not doing ab work as much… your muscles are starting to relax and maybe that is where that showing is coming from. But let’s just go ahead and say you’re just showing 🙂 You’re pregnant so let it show! Let it show!

  2. Cassy August 27, 2012 at 2:22 am #

    I never worked my core either. That’s normal not to want to. I personally didn’t start showing with KJ and Alexa until 4 months even closer to 5 months. Obviously my belly was growing but as for wearing maternity clothes, nope. I worked out too, felt great and healthy. It was the right choice for me, but I was working out pre-pregnancy too so I continued on my same path. I ate healthy and didn’t actually get any swelling until 38 weeks or so. By then you’re almost done so it wasnt terrible. As you know with Alexa I ran a half marathon at 12 weeks so as long as you’re body is telling you its ok, do what training feels comfortable. I can’t wait to see your belly pictures, you’re going to be the cutest!!!!

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