Today I woke up Happy!

27 Dec

Good Morning!

You know which workdays usually suck the most?  The first one back after a holiday break or after a vacation.  Its usually such a drag going back that day after having a little longer than a weekend break from the typical M-F grind.

Well, thats how I normally feel….what about you?

But guess what?!  Today I had one of those odd mornings where I actually woke up before the alarm!  Also, I didn’t immediately have that ‘ugh’ feeling of oh no..I don’t want to go back to work yet!  Or I am not ready for the morning yet, I need to sleep a little longer…. You know what I’m talking about!

SO, in an effort to keep the good mood going, I got up right away, washed my face, brushed my teeth – put on my new fancy Lancome serum (review to come soon!) and got the coffee brewing!



SO anyways…

Here’s to having a great first day back at work!  AND Here’s to 4 day workweeks!……AND here’s to being on time!

…um, well, taking the time to write this post will now probably make me have to rush to leave on time..haha, but that’s okay!  Blogging helps keep up the good spirits in my book!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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